Lorex Security Camera: An Expert Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance

Lorex Technology Inc. is one of the most trusted Canadian company, has been selling security cameras for 25 years. Lorex is globally known for its best quality products, reasonable prices and its user-friendly installation process. Lorex manufactured camera products for businesses and homes as well. Lorex Home Security System products designed with innovation and, they use the latest technology to deliver the best to its customers. Lorex products come with a one year warranty that covers defective products and parts. If you receive a defective product, you can ask for a replacement. While safeguarding your premises, sometimes, you may face some technical issues with Lorex. We provide Lorex Customer Service to our users and assist them to resolve the issue without any delay.

Lorex Customer Service

Lorex provides high-quality security cameras to its users. Lorex product includes all the necessary features needed or demanded by customers. The main objective of its products is customer safety and satisfaction. Lorex produced a wide range of products that includes:

Cameras: Lorex designed its cameras to provide maximum security to its users. The latest technology used to provide high-quality video recording and night vision. Cameras are weatherproof, facilitate two-way talk, vandal-resistance, and 4K resolution.

Security Recorders: Security recorders are the backbone of any security system and provide 24/7 surveillance.

Security Systems: There is plenty of systems offered by Lorex according to your needs. Some of the security systems are digital IP system, MPX system, and WIFI system.

Accessories: To meet customer’s need, Lorex offers a range of accessories like camera cables, hard drives, junction boxes, and PoE switches.

For detailed information about Lorex security products and to choose the best according to your needs, you can contact our Lorex Security System expert. Our Lorex Support experts will guide you and clear all your doubts.

Lorex Assistance: To Assist you with Common Errors

Here are some common issues mostly encountered by our customers:

1. I am receiving a white picture.

2. I am not able to connect with the system.

3. Camera picture quality is not appropriate.

4. Disturbance in video streaming.

5. I am not able to hear the audio sound from the camera.

6. Sometimes the camera shows no picture.

7. The camera picture is drooping occasionally.

8. I am having trouble during the installation of the Lorex camera.

9. The night vision of the camera is not clear, always seen white spot in the


10. Not able to set up remote video access for a Lorex camera.

We also provide some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue correctly. These steps will help you to solve your problem and enjoy a safe and hurdle free life.

● Raised the antenna over the receiver properly

● Make sure that camera and receiver are in the range

● Remove all the obstruction between the camera and the receiver

● If a source of light is directly pointing towards the camera, remove it otherwise it will give you a white picture

● Please check the memory card properly

● To listen to audio, you need to release the talk button

● Make sure that your receiver connected to the router properly

● Improper picture quality is due to low signal strength, check your internet connection

Lorex Support

Conclusion: You need to follow the above mentioned points carefully to troubleshoot your device. It will help you to fix the issue. If you are still facing difficulties with Lorex cameras, call on +1–888–352–3810. Lorex Customer Service expert team will provide you further assistance. We provide 24/7 assistance to our customers, so you can call us anytime whenever you need Lorex Technical Support direct from the experts.

If using security cameras such as Arlo, Nest & Lorex and facing any issues, get in touch with us at +18445590388 for anytime assistance

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